At DoubleStrand Bioinformatics we understand data. Pair that with our background in biomedicine, drug screens, and translational clinical research projects and you might just have found your perfect bioinformatics and Bio-IT solutions provider.

Our offer includes services covering most areas of bioinformatics and data science:

(i) Omics data analysis (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics) using best practise processing pipelines. Paired with an extensive visualization library and informed biological interpretation, we will transform your experimental data to tangible biological results.

(ii) Advanced analytics, with a proven track record in advanced clustering and segmentation, machine learning and deep learning methodology.

(iii) Custom analysis environments to streamline and standardize complex process data flows. In essence, we build a web-based tool that transforms your raw data to interactive dashboards and PDF reports.

From analysis of Next-generation sequencing data to implementation of complex integrative analysis environments – we will work with you to bring the most out of your data.

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